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Wealth Management Designed with YOU in Mind 

Welcome to By Design Wealth Management! Our approach to wealth management is about much more than money. We all know money doesn’t buy happiness. What it does buy is options. Choices. Freedoms. We view financial success not as its own goal, but as the means to pursue what is most meaningful to you. 


With every consultation, recommendation, and step in your plan, we work together to keep you on your chosen course, ensuring each aspect of your financial life is connected and working together smoothly: investments, income, insurance, and taxes.


By Design Wealth Management was founded by me, Ellen K Cotter, MBA, EA, CFP®. This practice is dedicated to helping people like you to take control of your finances, build lasting wealth, and pursue the opportunity of financial independence. I understand that finances can seem complicated at times and the coordination of all the moving parts, overwhelming, that’s where I come in. I’m passionate about connecting the dots, helping you to achieve independence while ensuring that your financial and life goals align. 

Areas of Expertise

Financial Planning


Retirement Planning


Tax Planning




Legacy Planning

What makes us different?


At By Design Wealth Management our commitment to YOU is what makes us different! For us, it’s not about how much money we can make but how much good we can do. That’s why we do not impose asset or net worth minimums as a condition to working with us and we allow you opportunities to work with us on an hourly, project, or ongoing basis – which means you always have the flexibility to choose the commitment level and fee that’s right for you. Sound good so far? Then check out how our approach and distinguishing qualities can be the difference maker for you.   

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Ready to take charge of your financial future?


Understanding the control you have over your financial future is important. At By Design Wealth Management, we offer our knowledge and experience providing financial advice that is custom-tailored to you and your needs as we work together toward your financial independence.

To learn more about By Design Wealth Management, schedule a complimentary meeting to see if our approach aligns with you and your financial needs. Please contact us today!

By Design Wealth Management

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