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Our Approach

Our approach to wealth management is about much more than money. We all know money doesn’t buy happiness. What it does buy is options. Choices. Freedoms. We view financial success not as its own goal, but as the means to pursue what is most meaningful to you. 


With every consultation, recommendation, and step in your plan, we work together to keep you on your chosen course, ensuring each aspect of your financial life is connected and working together smoothly: investments, income, insurance, and taxes.

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Distinguishing Qualities


Meaning our recommendations and actions must always be in your best interest, no matter what.


By Design Wealth Management was founded by Ellen K Cotter, MBA, EA, CFP® and I only answer to you. 


My only compensation comes from the fees you pay me for financial planning and support – investment management is free – and there are no asset minimums for working with me.

Centered on You

We understand and approach every planning situation as unique. Although we specialize in providing advice and support to women, mid-career through retirement, we do not apply cookie-cutter solutions. Spending the time to really get to know our clients allows us to customize recommendations and strategies that you are comfortable with and that fit with your life goals. 

Focused on Planning

The core of our practice is non-judgmental, holistic financial planning designed to help you balance living life today while effectively working toward achieving your vision for tomorrow. Investments are just one of many tools we can use to accomplish that. 

Committed to Education

Ultimately, my goal is to provide a safe place to educate and empower you to take control of your financial future. 


We understand and approach every planning situation as unique; therefore, we have created many options for us to work together. We provide the advice and support you need, when you need it, in a way that’s comfortable to you. 

By designing a practice around these qualities, we are able to offer you fee-only, comprehensive financial planning without investment, income, or net worth minimums at prices you can feel good about.  

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