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Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management clients seek ongoing advice on a variety of financial issues like cash flow and debt management, risk management, retirement planning, tax planning, investments, estate and legacy planning and not just asset allocation and portfolio design. Our fee was designed to reflect this and is based entirely on a calculation of your modified net worth and not the investment assets we may manage for you.


The minimum fee for this service level is $3,750.00 which includes Modified Net Worth up to $750,000 and investment management at no extra charge.



Here’s how to estimate your fee.


My Approach

One-Time Situational Reviews

We provide stand-alone financial planning and investment review service packages designed to meet some of the more common needs and objectives clients may have at various stages of their financial lives. These service packages may be either broad based or more narrowly focused, depending on the client’s needs or direction. By Design Wealth Management does NOT provide on-going services or implementation at this service level.


This service level is ideal for clients who desire a thorough analysis of their current financial situation, individualized recommendations, and are comfortable implementing their plan independently. 

Our most common service packages are:


Starting Out

Early career building stage – minimum fee; $2,250


Starting Over

Divorce or Widowhood – minimum fee; $2,250


Settling In

Family and/or mid-career building stage – minimum fee; $3,000

Retirement Readiness

Pre-retirement stage – minimum fee; $3,250 


Although we do allow for the possibility that the complexity of your unique situation would cause the package fee to be higher than the minimum. In practice, we work with clients to maintain the minimum posted fee. 

Hourly Planning or Investment Advice

Occasionally financial advice may be needed primarily on one or two topics. While this type of planning is not comprehensive and is generally limited to a narrow scope, we are available to offer you advice before making important financial decisions. This service is offered hourly in the following convenient time blocks and format:

2 hrs. (Minimum – $750):

• 1 hr. meeting time
• 1 hr. meeting prep and summary

3 hrs. ($1,125):

• 1.5 hr. meeting time and follow-up via phone or video-conference
• 1.5 hr. meeting prep and summary

4 hrs. ($1,500):

• 2 hr. meeting time and follow-up via phone or video-conference
• 2 hr. meeting prep and summary


Connect with By Design Wealth Management

Contact us today by calling our office at 918-609-3564 or use our contact form for more information on what type of financial questions would fit these small engagements or whether a comprehensive plan with investment advice would better serve you.



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